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The Different Forms of CBD That Are Available

With the growing market that almost seems like a fad known as the “CBD craze” that has emerged and boomed drastically on store shelves worldwide has been noted by big industry media outlets such as the new outlets for being the chemical version of Bitcoin. Why? Because there have been numerous studies and researches, and when celebrities start using something new, it becomes a hot item. Then they start adding medical research to the mix, and find out that it truly is something remarkable. Because of this, many more types of treatments hit the market, and the next thing you know it, we have an entire market comprised solely of CBD products. It’s not hard to find CBD these days, even in acne treatments and facial moisturizers.

Why People are Choosing CBD

CBD is cannabidiol. What is that you ask? Well it’s an extract from hemp that doesn’t give you the same effects that THC (the main ingredient that gets you high in marijuana), but gives you all of the same advantages. When it comes to pain relief, stress relief, and more, CBD is totally legal. CBD is extracted from hemp plants rather than marijuana, so there are extremely low
levels of THC in them, but all of the CBD can be extracted (which is much higher than marijuana which is predominantly THC over CBD, although it has both). When you’re looking to buy CBD, it can come in many different forms.

What are the Main Forms of CBD Available?

Some of the different forms of CBD that are available on the market are oils, which are common in various items (such as CBD vaping oil, suspension drops, and more), isolates (these are commonly found as ingredients in things, and even in some edibles, as well as some pet and animal treats), and wax (this is a form of “dab”).

What is Dab?

Dabbing is similar to vaping because the wax evaporates and becomes a vapor when you use a dabbing pen (similar to a vaping pen). You then inhale the vapor into the mouthpiece just like you would on a vape pen. This doesn’t mean you have to do it this way, but it’s the most common way to use dab.

All About Oils

Oils are the most prominent way that CBD is delivered. CBD oil is sustained with things such as hemp seed oil as a carrier and mixed in numerous products, from beauty products, to skin care, vaping products, and more. Oils are the most common, and are sometimes more expensive forms of CBD products out there. This is mainly due to the fact that “CBD Oils” are processed, while things like the isolates aren’t. They come in various amounts, doses, and strengths.

Why Isolates?

Isolates are literally just pure CBD. What happens is that during CBD extraction, they get rid of all the plant matter and oils, along with any other ingredients used, and evaporate the CBD oil, leaving just a plain white powder. There are many health benefits with this, and unlike other hemp products and CBD oils, Dabs, and more, there are usually no THC so you get a larger straight-cut dose of CBD and not the extra ingredients of processing. Not only this, but you actually get nearly 99% pure CBD this way. They can make CBD isolate into “crystals” which are equivalent to odorless sugar crystals, and you can then add them to anything you like. You can also use crystals for dabbing if you wish.

Which is Better?

When it comes to which type of CBD that you would consume, it’s entirely up to you as an individual. Some people would rather just use the isolates because they aren’t marketed as much with processing, and won’t have any extra chemicals so you’re literally getting the dose per milligram of CBD that you are taking. Other people prefer the dab because they like the
feeling that they get, even if they aren’t getting high, simply of just inhaling a heavier “smoke” or “vape”. This is actually quite common and has been known to be used in even some forms of drug treatment programs since it’s not harmful to your body and has been known to even do things like fight cravings.

Conclusion: Is this Clean CBD?

Unfortunately when it comes to buying CBD, there are many health benefits that have been scientifically proven for it, no matter how it’s used (topically or by ingesting), there are things to watch out for. Just like “Bitcoin”, CBD is not widely regulated. You don’t have to get the government or the FDA’s approval to make a CBD product, so in turn, you need to be cautious when it comes to purchasing it on the shelves.

Aside from this, it’s hard to tell if someone gets their hemp from the U.S. or overseas. If you’re in the U.S., you may not want a product that is from hemp imported overseas because of the many risks that could entail due to the possible contaminants in the extraction, production, and delivery process.

You want to be able to ask questions like what type of CBD is in the product, as many full-spectrum products compared to pure CBD contain small amounts of THC that can add up (this can affect numerous things because you can read dirty on a drug test even though it’s not enough to get you a high that you would experience with normal THC doses). You should make sure that you know the manufacturer’s dosage, and ask about exchanges and even getting full refunds if the product doesn’t work for you. You also should ask for authenticity and how the CBD product that you’re buying is made, or be able to get information on it if it’s from a third- party vendor. Things like this are all important, because in the wrong hands, someone can mix other harsh chemicals and just be in it for the buck since they joined the CBD bandwagon.

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